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Call Salvatore
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Hot Dog Stand Hire now offer you a Hot Dog Stand Hire service.

What can you expect from a Hot Dog Stand Hire Service from

One or two members of staff at your event, depending on how many people we are catering for.

The illuminated Hot Dog Stand comes complete with Napkins, Heinz tomato ketchup dispenser and a Heinz Mustard dispenser.

We can either bring you cooked onion or American dry Crisp onions for £400 for a 3-hour service.

In this time we will serve your guests 200 jumbo hot dogs.

If you need more time or more Hot Dogs or Halal /Kosher please let us know.

  • Idle time is £50 per hour
  • For 50 additional jumbo hot dogs the price is £100
  • We can provide you with Halal /kosher Hot dogs too (additional costs apply), please email us on

The 3 panels of the Hot Dog Stand can be branded. The main panel on the front costs £150 on its own, inclusive of the artwork. To brand the side panels will cost an additional £100 per panel.

The Bar itself comes in two parts and the width is 68 inches by 28 inches deep. We would also ned 2 x 13 amp plug sockets.

COST £400

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